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Why Manufacturers are Behind

Why Manufacturers are Behind

Tried and true marketing strategies have always worked for manufacturers. These include trade shows and print ads as well as word of mouth. A sales team worked hard cold calling and meeting potential clients and produced good results. This was how business was done and it was successful. 

Today is a whole different sales landscape. With the current restrictions from the pandemic, people are doing more shopping online. Consumers are doing their own research and deciding what they want. Buyers don’t need a salesperson to sell them your products. They know how to look things up and make their decisions. They qualify themselves and then come to you to make a purchase. Without a strong presence in the digital realm, you are fading into the shadows.

You need a new marketing strategy to compete in the digital age and be everywhere your customers are online.

Social Media Platforms 

Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the places where your potential customers look for information and communicate with their peers. Producing consistent, relevant content that engages people is the key to getting ahead of your competitors. 


In order to dominate your competition, you must improve your position in search engines. Having a digital marketing company use targeted keywords to drive traffic to your website is imperative for staying relevant in this market.

Email and Video Marketing 

Both email and video marketing are great for getting your content out and building a client list that you can market to. Having videos on your website keeps people interested and engaged and you can also develop a Youtube channel for your business. Building your email list with helpful content and links back to your site build brand recognition and loyalty.

This is a new era of marketing for the manufacturing industry. Be ahead of the pack by enlisting WSI Digital Direction to implement a digital strategy that works for you. Contact us today to get started.

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