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Why Digital Marketing is a Necessity for Manufacturing Companies

Why Digital Marketing is a Necessity for Manufacturing Companies

All businesses need a marketing strategy to reach new customers and advertise their products and services. The old method of print advertising and radio ads still work but they are becoming less effective as people look to online sources for their shopping. Manufacturing companies still use these old school methods like networking events and trade shows and they still produce results. In our new digital economy, however, the way people shop has forever changed and companies must make a quick pivot towards digital marketing strategies in order to capture business. Businesses need to have a comprehensive marketing plan that includes:

  • Website
  • Video
  • PPC ads
  • Content marketing
  • Webinars
  • Social media
  • Email marketing

You need to have a strong internet presence so you can be found by today’s digital purchaser. Your competition is already online so it’s time to work with a digital marketing agency that can get your business out there. Your buyers have changed and you need to as well.

How 2020 Has Changed Marketing for Manufacturers

Manufacturing companies are turning to content marketing and increasing their digital presence. Online research and shopping are the new normal. Never has it been more important to increase your online presence and effectively market to these savvy shoppers. As dramatic changes have occurred in the manufacturing business, so too has the consumer market changed. Buyers have already switched to a new way of shopping and your customers need to find you first when they are looking.

Inbound Marketing is the way to attract new business in this digital economy. It meets the need of online shoppers and effectively attracts them to your website through multiple streams of content that you create on various platforms. You supply the information people are searching for and then direct them to your site. You are educating and demonstrating your expertise so they can be confident when choosing you as a supplier.

Why Manufacturers are Behind

Tried and true staples and marketing methods have always worked for manufacturers. These include trade shows and print ads as well as word of mouth. A sales team worked hard cold calling and meeting potential clients and produced good results.

Today is a whole different sales landscape. Consumers are doing their own research and deciding what they want. Buyers don’t need a salesperson to sell them your products. They know how to look things up and make their decisions. They qualify themselves and then come to you to make a purchase. Without a strong presence in the digital realm, you are fading into the shadows.

Common Problems (and Solutions) of Marketing

Increase Brand Awareness

Lack of clicks and engagement

You need content. Quality content that gives people information is key. You can provide offers like ebooks and videos to keep them engaged and direct them through your site with links. Make sure to have call-to-actions, guiding them to your products and services.

Lack of high-quality leads

Understanding your target group is essential to producing sales. The content you put out has to attract the right audience and by using different strategies you can reach a larger base who want to get more information. When people can find the information they need from your online presence, you are the website they navigate to. They qualify themselves by actively looking for your services and products and it’s up to you to reel them in with great information and a clever call to action.

Lack of budget

Money is a reality we all have to deal with and when marketing funds are low, you have to be creative. Using SEO, Google ads, and email marketing are just a few effective ways to best utilize your marketing budget resources. Making the most impact with limited resources is vital to increasing market share in your industry.

How Does Digital Marketing Help Manufacturing Industries to Increase their Sales?

The world was forever changed when the internet was created. It became the new newspaper, yellow pages, and radio all in one. With all that infrastructure in place to search for businesses on the internet, fewer people went straight to stores and met with sales associates. This digital economy has to be taken on by manufacturing companies to stay relevant. Optimizing your website with lots of content and using email marketing can help you convert leads to sales and build a new base of satisfied clients.

Your new customers are your lifeblood and by engaging them on social media they will stay connected and turn to your first for their next purchase. You can increases brand awareness across many different platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Most of your competitors don’t have accounts on these platforms so you can dominate the space.

How Can I Market My Manufacturing Company Online?

Here are several proven strategies that a digital marketing agency can implement for you.

SEO Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to be at the top of search results on search engines like Google and Bing. YouTube is the second-largest site for searches and your videos need to come up when people search. Keywords that rank high in your industry is what you should be putting in your online content. If you don’t make it on the first page of a customer’s search, chances are they will never visit your site.

PPC Pay-per-click advertising can help you “come up” even when people are looking elsewhere. These targeted ads also use keywords to bring your ad in front of interested customers looking for what you offer and drive leads and generate traffic to your website.

Web Design Most companies have a website but if you are not getting much traffic, you need to look at updating and redesigning it. This is what potential customers see first and you have to make an impact. Your website needs style and function with easy navigation and lots of extras like pictures, video, and links to articles and blog posts. Testimonials are also effective in allowing customers to see what other people think of your service.

Social media The way people are buying has changed. Businesses have integrated content on social media because this is where people congregate to learn and discuss what interests them. Publishing content on sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, allows you to reach all your followers and in turn, they can share that information with their network of followers. The more often you post content, the more your customers will be engaged and ready to turn to who they know when they are in the market for your goods.

Email marketing A consistent email marketing plan can keep you connected with interested buyers and satisfied customers. You can have an easy sign up on your website and then add visitors to your monthly newsletter. It’s cost-effective and automated, making it an important part of your digital marketing strategy.

Even if people on your mailing list don’t buy right away, they get ongoing information about your manufacturing business and when they are ready to make a purchase, you will easily come to mind. Make sure to include company updates, new services, and any specials you have.

Five Reasons to Create Educational Content for your Buyers

Content is king in digital marketing and you need lots of it. It’s what brings visitors to your site and informs them when they navigate around. It is also how you convert visitors to leads and leads to buyers.

You can’t just hit them with a sales pitch on your landing page. People are looking to get information and determine if you have the products and services they need.

content development is key to being visible on google search results

1. Establishing Credibility

Being an expert in your field is vital but you also have to be able to show proof of that. By demonstrating your specialty, new clients will understand that you know your industry well and can provide them with exactly what they need. How-to tutorials and blogs can inform and instruct potential clients about what you do and help them recognize you as an industry leader in manufacturing.

2. Increasing Lead Conversions

Using multiple marketing tools can help you convert leads. Strategies like email marketing with a monthly newsletter and insightful articles will draw potential customers to your site. From there you are better able to give all the information clients need to make an educated buying decision.

3. Retaining Customers

Repeat customers should be one of your main marketing goals. When you get a new customer, they are trying out your manufacturing services. When they come back, you know they were satisfied and that is where your bread and butter is. They will become long term customers and also direct new people to your site because of their positive experience. It’s less costly to retain an existing client as opposed to attracting a new one so you need to have content that caters to those loyal buyers. Using social media to keep existing clients engaged and informed will keep you on their minds.

4. Establish and Spread Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is where you can really utilize digital marketing. Using multiple platforms for your manufacturing business helps you spread awareness and creates a larger online presence. Consistent content of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are very effective and your company will be found on the current platforms people use the most.

5. Demonstrate your Products and Services

Having a presence on Youtube is a great way to visually show your products and services. People love to see how your business can help them and by demonstrating it in a how-to video, your content can be viewed and shared multiple times. You can have live Q&A’s and even answer subscribers’ comments and questions in videos. It shows that you are listening to your customers and creating a virtual dialog.

These videos can be linked to your website, creating another way to navigate through all your platforms and increasing your online presence.

How to Meet Your Manufacturing Marketing Goals

Having an effective digital strategy for generating leads is crucial to expanding your reach in the manufacturing industry. There are several ideas you can implement depending on our marketing budget.

  • Email marketing
  • Search ads
  • SEO
  • Lead tracking
  • Social media
  • Website

These methods and consistently putting out fresh content will attract and retain customers to your operation. Working with a professional digital marketing company will make all the difference.

Which is the Best Digital Marketing Agency for Manufacturers in Ontario?

Finding an effective digital marketing agency that knows your industry can be challenging. You want to make sure your marketing budget is utilized to deliver lasting results and a powerful marketing campaign.

WSI Digital Marketing Services is positioned to help you achieve these goals. We are experts in building brand awareness and lead generation and we understand the manufacturing market. We have worked with the industry’s top brands and have helped shape the digital marketing landscape. Let us help you implement a winning digital marketing strategy. Call us today for more information.

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