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How Manufacturers Can Use Digital Marketing and Automation

How Manufacturers Can Use Digital Marketing and Automation

Manufacturing companies have witnessed the rapid evolution of technology – making them no strangers to understanding that digital marketing has also changed over the years. Traditional marketing efforts are simply no longer enough, and if you’re not incorporating online marketing, you could be at risk of missing out on potential customers online. According to Forrester, at least 92% of B2B businesses start through an online search – showing just how important it is for manufacturers to have an online presence.

The benefits of digital marketing for manufacturers

  • Online marketing can help educate your buyers about your products
  • You can improve your brand awareness and industry perception
  • Digital marketing assists in generating qualified leads
  • Your online marketing efforts can increase revenue
  • Digital marketing could get your business in front of the right eyes if you are trying to expand into new markets

How marketing automation can help manufacturers 

67% of marketing leaders are currently using a marketing automation platform because of the significant results this tactic provides. Marketing automation and email marketing can help manufacturing companies convert leads by sending out targeted marketing to customers. Not only do marketing automation strategies help to increase your marketing efficiency, but they also measure results at the same time – giving you greater insight into the buyer journey. Digital marketing will allow you to harness marketing automation’s advantages to target your prospects when it matters. If a visitor to your site, for instance, added something to their cart without proceeding to finalise the purchase, an automated email could be sent to them to remind them to purchase your product. These tailored automated reminders help keep your company top of mind and discourage your ideal customer from purchasing from competing companies.

If you are in the manufacturing industry and would like to discuss a digital marketing or automation strategy, contact our team of global professionals at WSI Digital Direction today. 

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