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How Manufacturers Can Drive Leads With Digital Marketing

How Manufacturers Can Drive Leads With Digital Marketing

Manufacturers often get hung up on advertising the products they make because, well, it’s apparent that they want to promote what they manufacture. The buyer journey and digital marketing have, however, gone through significant changes since the internet has put information at consumers’ fingertips. Consumers no longer want to be marketed to in the traditional sense. They want to resonate with a brand and feel that the company they choose to support is helping them somehow. So, instead of “throwing” advertisements at potential customers, rather take the time to provide your target audience with valuable information through the content you market.

What manufacturing companies can do to drive leads 

1. Establish your digital marketing strategy 

Determine whether you will be doing your digital marketing yourself or whether you will be outsourcing to a digital marketing agency. This is also the time to sharpen your pencil to calculate resource requirements for your online presence. 

2. Know your buyer persona 

Before you can create your digital marketing content, you have to develop and know your ideal customer. In doing this, you will get a greater understanding of buyer insights.

3. Develop a content strategy 

Your content will help you to connect with your buyer personas. You should cement your brand story during this phase and know what message you want to send out to your audience. Also, decide which of the various social media platforms and marketing channels you will be using to share your content.

4. Optimisation 

Search engine optimisation (SEO) and an optimised website provide incredible value in driving leads. If your team manages your SEO correctly for your company to appear in search results, you should see a boost in web traffic and leads. 

If you would like to discuss a lead generation plan for your manufacturing company through digital marketing, contact our team of experts at WSI Digital Direction today. 

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