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WSI in the Community

We Believe in the Importance of Helping Others

In life, ensuring that you invest time, energy and resources in helping other people is essential. We believe helping others gives us a sense of meaning far beyond what we can find in business alone.

WSI Aims to Make Child Poverty History

We are most proud of our work with Make Child Poverty History (MCPH). The MCPH organization is an ongoing global program that mobilizes resources and brings together individuals and organizations to eradicate child poverty. The initiative began when WSI board members decided it was time to take more active steps to end child poverty on a global scale.

We Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for a Cause

We participated in World Vision’s Kili Climb 4 Kids expedition in 2015, to help fight child slavery.


In addition to being a corporate sponsor of the Kili Climb 4 Kids initiative, WSI also participated in the actual challenge of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain.

The goal of this campaign was to highlight the cause of child exploitation and raise $150,000 that would go towards World Vision’s No Child for Sale Campaign and the Women and Girls in Crisis Fund.

One Initiative Isn’t Enough

Our interests and passions are as diverse as the people in our organization. In addition to MCPH, we enjoy supporting and coaching young or aspiring entrepreneurs through our Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship Program.